Eduardo Arroyo
Eduardo Arroyo
Eduardo Arroyo

Eduardo Arroyo

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Artist: Eduardo Arroyo

Title: Eduardo Arroyo

Essay: Sarah Wilson, Painter, Pugilist, Provocateur 

Year: 2022

ISBN: 978-0-89797-378-6

Publisher: Marlborough Gallery, Inc.

Book Format: Hardcover, 11 7/8 x 9 7/8 in., 161 pages


This catalogue was published on the occasion of the rare exhibition of Spanish master Eduardo Arroyo, which featured over seventy works including oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, and sculptures spanning over fifty years of the artist’s career. Arroyo’s work can be separated into two different stages marked by the death of Francisco Franco in 1976: during exile (1958-1976), and post exile (1976-1998). In violent opposition to the dictatorship, Arroyo’s work engages with the Spanish political climate, and he strategically positions his work to take an ironic, yet critical stance. This catalogue is fully illustrated catalogue with sixty-five color plates and an essay from The Courtauld Institute professor and art historian Sarah Wilson, entitled Eduardo Arroyo: Painter, Pugilist, Provocateur.


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